He is not alone. coffee wilt costs Africa over $1 billion annually. since getting advice on Wefarm, Binaama and Madina have increased their yield by 80%.


Binaama works as a driver for a Tea Company called Kayonza Tea Growers' Limited and also works on his farm in the evenings and on weekends. He grows food crops like groundnuts, beans and cassava and cash crops – particularly coffee as it is easier to grow than tea.

Binaama has nine children who help him on the farm and he is teaching them to love farming as much as he does and to understand where their food comes from. He says that farming is so important for Uganda because it is the perfect tool to improve everyone’s lives. Thanks to his farm, his family has a diverse and healthy diet, and he also makes an income which pays for his children’s school fees.

Before joining Wefarm, Binaama’s farm was perpetually affected by coffee wilt which was causing a low coffee yield. Binaama is not alone in facing this challenge and coffee wilt has already cost African farmers over US$1 billion.

While there is no known way currently to eradicate this disease completely, Binaama took to Wefarm where a fellow farmer advised him on preventative measures. The result is that Binaama now harvests over 18 bags compared to the 10 to 12 bags he used to harvest.

He has since shared his knowledge to help other farmers tackle coffee wilt and other problems they are facing. His dream is to invest enough money in his farm to expand its size and profitability, so he can pay for all of his children to go to university.